Appunta 1.0.1 released


A minor update of Appunta has been released.

It solves two issues, one with the correct painting of the radar view in case you inflate it when not in foreground, and I’ve removed all the log outputs (3d view was quite annoying with 3 lines of log output per point per frame).

As usual, download from here


Appunta v.1.0.0 published

Hi all

I’m proud to announce that version 1.0.0 of Appunta for Android has been finally published. This versions includes:

  • Interfaces and base classes intended to manage geopoints and locations
  • A View used to show geopoints in a radar
  • A View used to show geopoint in Augmented Reality (EyeView)
  • A set of basic drawers in order to paint the point in the screen (with bitmaps, color points, etc)
  • The set of classes in order to extend these controls and create new ones
  • A Manager to control the mobile sensors
  • A Manager to control the mobile camera. Due to to Android API limitiations, this class is only compatible with Android >2.3
  • A Manager to control GPS and Network localization.
  • And more things…

Documentation is on the way. A small tutorial on how to show a Radar has been published. More is coming down the way and will be published on the next days.

You can download the library as a JAR file or get the source code and include it in your project. We have also published the source code of the sample project so you can integrate into your project.

Remember that Appunta is licensed with Apache 2.0 License, so you can freely use it for commercial projects. Check Wikipedia and Apache site for more info on the license.

If you have questions on how to use Appunta, found bugs, want to suggest improvements, or just say hello, please, login into our forums and start posting.

And if you use it for any project, tell us, and you will be included on the hall of fame.

Augmented Reality Application: Costa del Sol – Málaga

Costa del Sol (literally Sun Coast) is a nice region on the south of Spain ( that is a popular touristic region (nice beaches, good food, etc).

In order to improve the services offered to visitos, the Tourism Office has developed an AR application to help find no only the most interesting places in the region, but also services like ATMs, Hospitals, etc. This application is based on Layar technology and has been developed by Málaga government and Orange.

This is another example on how AR applications could help to introduce new ways of giving information beyond the classical ways.

More info on the press releases (in spanish):

You can download the application for Android  and iOS:

Download for Android from Google Play

Download for iPhone from Apple Store


Here we go!

First version of Appunta is almost ready!

The source code is already uploaded to the repository. It’s stable and functional. There is a lot of code commenting pending, and once this is finished, I’ll move it out of the sample project to the main branch and perform the official v.1 publishing.

Both the CompassView and the EyeView are functional, and the results with both are superb. Be ready to see more sample apps in the next days.

After publishing, the documentation and the tutorials will come up (unfortunately at slow pace).

Remember, Appunta is Open Source and licensed with Apache License 2.0, so you can use it freely in your own projects. And if you want to contribute in any way (documenting, developing new views, bug hunting, web-designing, giving me money, etc…) you’ll be more than welcome!

The website is just starting, so you’ll notice I’m tidying it up constantly. Suggestions welcome :)